Aluminium Alloy Groups

We have developed a list of Aluminium Alloy Groups and characteristics to assist you when choosing the correct aluminium grade for your requirements. The list includes alloy composition, material properties, typical applications.

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1xxx – None (99%+Aluminium)
2xxx – Copper
3xxx – Manganese
4xxx – Silicon
5xxx – Magnesium
6xxx – Magnesium + Silicon
7xxx – Zinc

En AW-2011 / ISO: AlCu6BiPb

Composition: Al5.5Cu0.4Bi0.4Pb
Applications: Screws, bolts, fittings, nuts etc. Applications where good machinability and high strength are required.
Characteristic Properties: Excellent free machining characteristics. Heat treatable high strength alloy with a strength slightly lower
than 2007 and 2030. High fatigue strength.
Precautions and Warnings: Low corrosion resistance for outside applications. Hard Anodising or other protection is recommended.
Product Forms: Bar, Rod, Tube, Wire.


En AW-2014 / ISO: AlCu4SiMg

Composition: Al4.5Cu0.9Si0.8Mn0.5Mg
Applications: High Strength structural components: aircraft (eg. fittings and wheels), Military vehicles and bridges,
forgings for trucks and machinery. Weapons manufacture.
Characteristic Properties: Heat treatable alloy. High mechanical strength slightly higher than 2011 and 2017A. High fatigue strength.
Precautions and Warnings:
Product Forms: Plate, Sheet, Tube, Wire, Forging, Profile Section Shape.


En AW-5083 / ISO: Al4.5Mg0.7MnCr

Applications: Structures and equipment: (welded components), masts, platforms. Chemical apparatus and storage tanks,
cryogenics. Pressure vessels, piping and tubing. Automotive: Welded tank trailers and dump bodies. Railway:
Welded tanks and structural components. Military equipment: Armour plates, collapsible bridges, vehicle
bodies. Machinery: scaffolding , towers, tools, appliances, pylons.
Characteristic Properties: Very good weldability. Very good corrosion resistance to seawater. High strength alloy , slightly higher than
5086. High fatigue strength. Good cold and stretch formability in soft temper in relation to strength. Can
be produced in thick plates without internal stress.
Precautions and Warnings: May be subject to intercrystalline and stress corrosion cracking after undergoing unsuitable thermal
treatment(welding). Not to be used above 65Deg C. for extended time if later exposed to corrosive
Product Forms: Plate, Sheet, Bar, Tube, Wire, Profile Section Shape.


En AW-6082 / ISO: AlSi1MgMn

Composition: Al0.9Mg1.0Si0.7Mn
Applications: Heavy duty structures in rail coaches, truck frames, ship building, offshore, bridges, bicycles,
boilermaking. Machinery: platforms, flanges, hydraulic systems, mining equipment, pylons, towers,
motorboats. Nuclear technology. Masts and beams for shipbuilding (especially in sweet water). Tubes
for scaffolding, tents and halls. Tubing screw machine products, Rivets.
Characteristic Properties: Very good corrosion resistance. Very good weldability (lowered strength values in the zone of welding).
Good machinability. Good cold forming in T4 temper after a stabilizing heat treatment. Heat treatable
medium high strength construction. Alloy with a strength somewhat higher than 6061. Medium high
fatigue strength. Not suitable for complex sections.
Precautions and Warnings:
Product Forms: Rod, Plate, Sheet, Bar, Tube, Wire, Forging, Slugs impacts, Profile Section Shapes.


En AW-7075 / ISO: AlZn5.5MgCu

Composition: Al5.6Zn2.5Mg1.6CuCr
Applications: Aircraft and military highly stressed structural components. Rolling stock for machine parts and tools
(for rubber and plastics). Ski poles. Tennis rackets, Screws and bolts, nuts, rivets. Nuclear applications.
Characteristic Properties: Heat treatable very high strength alloy with a strength slightly lower than 7010. Very high fatigue
strength. Joining preferably by rivets, adhesives or screws. Corrosion protection is recommended in
outdoor atmosphere.
Precautions and Warnings: Care to be taken when selecting temper (and other thermal treatment) for balance of properties.
May be clad with 7072 for better protection against stress corrosion cracking.
Product Forms: Plate, Sheet, Bar, Rod, Tube, Wire, Forging, Slugs impacts, Profile Section Shape.

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