Six-Sides Sawn Aluminium Cast Plates Impact-506 (EN AW 5083)

Universally applicable – the solution for medium-strength applications! Because of the specific in-house heat treatment, these products get a homogeneous microstructure over the entire ingot cross-section. This is an important distinctive feature of rolled plates. The strength of rolled plates decreases towards the ingot core. These medium-strength, six-sides sawn aluminium plates are characterised by excellent form stability, very good machinability and very good corrosion resistance. Therefore it is an excellent solution for mechanical engineering and mould-making.

Restricted process parameters in the products ensure a very high reproducibility over long production periods. Available in thicknesses up to 1,070 mm / 141.73 in.

Comprehensive range of both Metric and Imperial sizes are available to order.

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Product Overview

  • Alloy (According to EN 573-3) – AIMg4,5Mn0,7 3.3547 not heat-treatable
  • Temper – Homogenised and Stress relieved, O3
  • Surface – Six-Sides sawn <15 μm/<0.000591 in.


  • Thickness in [mm]/[in.] – Plates ≤ 150 mm:-0/+2.5mm Plates ≤ 5.90 in.:-0/+0.1
  • Flatness [mm/m9]/[in.] – Plates > 150mm:-0/+5mm Plates > 5.90 in.: -0/+0.2
  • Plate tolerances width/length [mm]/[in.] – -0/+10, -0/+0.394
  • Sawing tolerance width/length [mm]/[in.] – -0/+20, -0/+0.787

Specific Notes

  • Extremely stress relieved
  • Excellent form stability
  • Very good corrosion resistance
  • Six-sides sawn


Fields of Application

Mould-making (plastics industry / automotive industry) and mechanical engineering.

  • Injection moulds for prototypes
  • Deep drawing and casting moulds for the plastics industry
  • Foaming and blowing moulds
  • Components requiring a lot of machining
Product OverviewSix-Sides Sawn Aluminium Plates
Product NameImpact 506 (EN AW 5083)
AlloyAIMg4,5Mn0,73.3547 Not heat-treatable
TemperHomogenised and stress relieved, O3
SurfaceSix-sides sawn <15 μm/<0.000591 in.

Mechanical Properties
Yield Strength Rp0,2 [MPa]/[ksi]110-130/16-19
Ultimate Tensile Strength Rm [MPa]/[ksi]230-290/33-42
Elongation A [%]10-15
Hardness HBW [2.5/62.5]68-75

Physical Properties
Density [g/cm3]/[lbs/]2.66/0.096
Module of elasticity [GPa]/[ksi 10³]70/10.2
Electrical conductivity [m/mm2]/[% IACS]16-18/29-32
Coefficient of thermal expansion [K-I 10-6]/[10-6/°F]23.3/13.1
Thermal Conductivity [W/m K]/[BTU in./ft²hr°F]110-130/64-75
Specific heat capacity [J/kg K]/[BTU/lb°F]900/0.212

Processing Characteristics
Form Stability1
Welding (Gas/TIG/MIG/resistance/EB)4/2/2/2/1
Corrosion Resistance (seawater/weather/stress cracking)1/1/3
Use at temperatures (max. °C long/short therms)/(max/ °F long/short Therms)180/280/356/536
Anodising (technical/decorative/hard)2/4/2
Contact with food (according to EN 602)yes

Thickness in [mm]/[in.]Plates ≤ 150 mm:-0/+2.5 mm Plates >150 mm:-0/+5 mm
Flatness [mm/m9]/[in.]Plates ≤ 5.90 in.:-0/+0.1 Plates > 5.90 in.:-0/+0.2
Plate tolerance width/length [mm]/[in.]Thickness ≤ 150 mm = DIN ISO 2768-Im/Thickness > 150 mm = -0/+5 mm
Sawing tolerance width/length [mm]/[in.]Thickness ≤ 5.9 in. = -0/+0.1/Thickness > 5.9 in. = -0/+ 0.2

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