Cast Machined Aluminium Plates Impact-700 (EN AW 7021)

Strength & Precision, our cast machined aluminium plates combines both! To use all the advantages of this precision-machined cast aluminium plates in applications requiring higher strength levels, we distribute this material. The high strength values combined with very low residual stresses are unique and reduce the production time significantly. In addition, it has very good corrosion resistance because of the temper of T79. For this reason, in the last few years, it became a better alternative to standard rolled plates as they increase production profitability.

Because of the time saved, you can reduce manufacturing costs by using this material, especially in mechanical engineering and jig making.

Comprehensive range of both Metric and Imperial sizes are available to order.

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Product Overview

  • Alloy (According to EN 573-3) – AIZn5,5Mg1,5 heat-treatable
  • Temper – Solution heat-treated, quenched, artificially aged, T79
  • Surface – Two surfaces precision-milled 0.4 μm/0.000016 in.


  • Thickness in [mm]/[in.] – +/-0.10/+/-0.004 10-15mm:0.40/0.394-0.591 in.:0.016
  • Flatness [mm/m9]/[in.] – >15mm:0.25/>0.591 in.:0.010
  • Plate tolerances width/length [mm]/[in.] – -0/+10, -0/+0.394
  • Sawing tolerance width/length [mm]/[in.] – -0/+20, -0/+0.787

Specific Notes

  • Precision machined surface
  • High-stress relief
  • Very high strength
  • Very good homogeneity
  • Excellent form stability
  • Two surfaces precision-milled and foiled on both sides

Fields of Application

Mechanical engineering, jig making & tooling.

  • Highly stressed machine components or requiring a lot of machining
  • Base and table plates
  • Transfer and indexing plates
  • Components requiring high strength values combined with very low residual stresses
  • Tool holders
Product OverviewPrecision Machined Cast Aluminium Plates
Product NameImpact 700 (EN AW 7021)
TemperSolution heat-treated, quenched, artificially aged, T79
SurfaceTwo surfaces precision milled 0.4 μm/0.000016 in.

Mechanical Properties
Yield Strength Rp0,2 [MPa]/[ksi]290-340/42-47
Ultimate Tensile Strength Rm [MPa]/[ksi]320-380/46-55
Elongation A [%]2.5-4.5
Hardness HBW [2.5/62.5]110-120

Physical Properties
Density [g/cm3]/[lbs/]2.80/0.101
Module of elasticity [GPa]/[ksi 10³]70/10.2
Electrical conductivity [m/mm2]/[% IACS]21-24/38-43
Coefficient of thermal expansion [K-I 10-6]/[10-6/°F]23.0/12.9
Thermal Conductivity [W/m K]/[BTU in./ft²hr°F]125-155/72-90
Specific heat capacity [J/kg K]/[BTU/lb°F]875/0.206

Processing Characteristics
Form Stability2
Welding (Gas/TIG/MIG/resistance/EB)6/5/2/6/1
Corrosion Resistance (seawater/weather/stress cracking)4/3/4
Use at temperatures (max. °C long/short therms)/(max/ °F long/short Therms)120/140/248/284
Anodising (technical/decorative/hard)3/6/2
Contact with food (according to EN 602)no

Thickness in [mm]/[in.]+/-0.10/+/-0.004 10-15 mm:0.40/0.394-0.591 in.:0.016
Flatness [mm/m9]/[in.]>15 mm: 0.25/>0.591 in.:0.010
Plate tolerance width/length [mm]/[in.]-0/+10 -0/+20/ -0/+0.394 -0/+0/787
Sawing tolerance width/length [mm]/[in.]-0/+10 -0/+20/ -0/+0.394 -0/+0/787

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