Six-Sides Sawn Aluminium Cast Plates Impact-706 (EN AW 7021)

If the requirements towards the strength are high and the component must endure heavy loads, this is the ideal solution. The six-sides sawn cast aluminium plate is characterised by very good machinability, very high strength and very low residual stresses. Therefore it is an excellent solution for multiple applications under heavy loads in mechanical engineering and mould-making.

The very good ability for polishing leads to excellent product quality and a very long lifetime of injection and foaming moulds. Even components with excessive machining can be realised easily.

Comprehensive range of both Metric and Imperial sizes are available to order.

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Product Overview

  • Alloy (According to EN 573-3) – AIZn5,5Mg1,5
  • Temper – Heat-treatable
  • Surface – six-sides sawn < 15 μm/<0.000591 in.


  • Thickness in [mm]/[in.] – Plates ≤ 150 mm:-0/+2.5mm Plates ≤ 5.90 in.:-0/+0.1
  • Flatness [mm/m9]/[in.] – Plates > 150mm:-0/+5mm Plates > 5.90 in.: -0/+0.2
  • Plate tolerances width/length [mm]/[in.] – -0/+10, -0/+0.394
  • Sawing tolerance width/length [mm]/[in.] – -0/+20, -0/+0.787

Specific Notes

  • Excellent form stability
  • Stress relieved
  • High strength
  • Very good machinability
  • Six-sides sawn

Fields of Application

Mould-making in plastics and the automotive industry.

  • Injection moulds (for low and medium pressure)
  • Deep drawing and casting moulds
  • Foaming and blowing moulds (for low pressure)
  • Tool-changing equipment
  • Bearing blocks and fittings for bigger loads
Product OverviewSix-Sides Sawn Aluminium Plates
Product NameImpact 706 (EN AW 7021)
AlloyAIZn5,5MgI,5 Heat Treatable
TemperHardened T79
SurfaceSix-sides sawn <15μm/<0.000591 in.

Mechanical Properties
Yield Strength Rp0,2 [MPa]/[ksi]290-340/42-47
Ultimate Tensile Strength Rm [MPa]/[ksi]320-380/46-55
Elongation A [%]2.5-4.5
Hardness HBW [2.5/62.5]110-120

Physical Properties
Density [g/cm3]/[lbs/]2.80/0.101
Module of elasticity [GPa]/[ksi 10³]70/10.2
Electrical conductivity [m/mm2]/[% IACS]21-24/38-43
Coefficient of thermal expansion [K-I 10-6]/[10-6/°F]23.0/12.9
Thermal Conductivity [W/m K]/[BTU in./ft²hr°F]125-155/72-90
Specific heat capacity [J/kg K]/[BTU/lb°F]875/0.206

Processing Characteristics
Form Stability2
Welding (Gas/TIG/MIG/resistance/EB)6/5/2/6/1
Corrosion Resistance (seawater/weather/stress cracking)4/3/4
Use at temperatures (max. °C long/short therms)/(max/ °F long/short Therms)120/140/248/284
Anodising (technical/decorative/hard)3/6/2
Contact with food (according to EN 602)no

Thickness in [mm]/[in.]Plates ≤ 150 mm:-0/+2.5 mm Plates >150 mm:-0/+5 mm
Flatness [mm/m9]/[in.]Plates ≤ 5.90 in.:-0/+0.1 Plates > 5.90 in.:-0/+0.2
Plate tolerance width/length [mm]/[in.]Thickness ≤ 150 mm = DIN ISO 2768-Im/Thickness > 150 mm = -0/+5 mm
Sawing tolerance width/length [mm]/[in.]Thickness ≤ 5.9 in. = -0/+0.1/Thickness > 5.9 in. = -0/+ 0.2

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